the Madison Experience

Sexual Health Policy

Sexual Health is central to Madison’s life and business. She very much believes that it is her responsibility to take all precautions to insure that your and her sexual health is protected at all times.

In 2014, in response to high risk sexual activity she witness in the Australian Porn Industry, Madison took a stand for performers choice for condom use in porn. In Madison’s opinion the Australian porn industry does not have adequate sexual health protocol to ensure the safety of performers. In response to this, Madison only performs in safe sex scenes with condoms used for all penetration in addition sexual health tests.

Intercourse is always with condoms. Any requests for unprotected sex will result in Madison refusing your booking or the booking being terminated immediately without a refund.

Madison does offer oral sex without protection. This however is a higher risk service. Madison mitigates the higher risk through monthly throat swabs for STIs and by limiting the number of lovers she sees between tests.

In addition to monthly throat swabs, Madison is tested monthly for Chlamydia and Gonnorreaha. And every three months for HIV, Syphilis and yearly for Hepatitis.

Madison has also been vaccinated for HPV and Hepatitis B.

At the commencement of your booking with Madison, she will provide a visual health check. This is to ensure that there are no signs of any skin based STIs present. Whilst it may be a little daunting to some this is a safe guard for you as it demonstrates that Madison is making sure that all measures are taken to protect sexual health.

Madison recommends that all her clients receive yearly sexual health screenings. If you are concerned about privacy, free anonymous sexual health screenings can be obtained by the sexual health clinics.

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Madison is happy for a moderate use of alcohol during your time with her. However she is strictly drug free, this means that she will not accept drugs and will not see clients who are under the influence of recreational drugs.

Confidentiality Policy

Madison is grateful for working under decriminalisation, this means that she runs her business based on the same confidentiality policies as her other non-adult related businesses.

When contacting Madison your privacy and discretion is guaranteed. Madison does not believe in sharing your private information with sex workers whether this be through private sex worker groups or publically on social media.

To protect Madison’s safety she will request your mobile number and identifying information from you. This is for her use only and is protected by all means at Madison’s disposal.

For outcalls, as there is an additional risk, Madison does provide her location details and your mobile number to her security guard. This is for Madison’s safety only.

In the unlikely incidence of violence, Madison will report this immediately to the police.

Booking Policy

When requesting a booking with Madison, please allow as much time in advance as possible. Madison does her best to personally respond as possible. However due to the high volume of client contact that she receives she will not respond to available now contacts.

Madison reserves the right to ask for a $200 deposit for her bookings, and $500 deposit for long bookings.

If Madison has to cancel the booking this is refunded to you.

Deposits are transferable if you need to reschedule your booking provided you arrange this before your booking start time.

Cancellations within 24 hours will forfeit their deposit.

Photo Authenticity Policy

Madison does not believe in heavy use of Photoshop for her advertising images. Images used on this site and in her advertisements are professionally taken with as little postproduction as possible.

Madison does not send “selfies” under any circumstance, however please feel welcome to peruse her social media accounts for regularly updated candid photos.